Use ginger properly

Ginger Is Widely Used In Asian Cuisine With The Use Of Fishy Deodorant, Added To The Sauce. Ginger Is Also Used To Stop And Cure Some Common Ailments

Ginger is a spice used in Vietnamese meals. Ginger is hot, so it is often used with cold foods such as “duck, squid, duck egg, carp ….”. Ginger is also a cure for many different diseases.
Here are some ways to use ginger that people can do at home.Ginger Tea:
Freshly sliced ginger or yarn mixed with sugar solution, add a little salt. When used you can add a little honey to increase efficiency.
– Enhance resistance to the body
– Prevent and treat a sore throat, cold.
– Sun stroke
– vomiting
Licking ginger with sea salt:
This is an effective method:
– against seasickness, motion sickness.
– bad breath.
Soak your feet with ginger and salt, hot and hot:
– Hypertension
– Smelly feet, reduced sweat in the legs