best hot stone massage

The best hot stone massage therapy

The more dynamic and modern the life is, the more harmful fators act against our body, and at heavier level also. Such factor are climate, environment and chemical agents. Hence, the best hot stone massage therapy from Mimosa will let you enjoy great relaxing moments and boost your health. In addition, this is the most effective way that you should try to relieve stress.

Best hot stone massage

The best hot stone massage therapy from Mimosa will let you enjoy great relaxing moments

Benefits and considerations of hot stone massage

Benefits of hot stone massage

Reduce stress, fatigue

Hot stone massage affects the human body in the form of waves caused by tiny vibrations, caused by the difference or changes in temperature, which increases energy in the body through deep and strong stimulation on different acupuncture points, organs in the body. Hence, hot stone massage boost the blood circulation through out the body, bring out relaxing feeling, stimulating recreation activity, and help the body to excrete toxic substances, reduce tension in muscle, nerves, boost circulatory and reduce fatigue; especially, hot stone masssage therapy provide fresh vitality to the human body after hours of stressful work.

Pain relief

Hot stone massage specifically relieves symptoms of muscle pain, fibromyalgia, and other autoimmune disorders.

Some studies have shown that patients with myalgia, fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis have seen considerable improvement in their state and mobility ability after taking hot stone massage therapy.

Reduce stress

Massage is an effective way to reduce stress. Some studies have shown that massage reduces stress and anxiety, while improving cardiovascular health.

Increased flexibility for joints

The stress of the body can prevent the patient from moving easily and cause pain at joints. Massage helps to relax the muscles, making the body easier and more comfortable when moving.

People suffer from pain at joints may benefit from hot stone massage.

Reduce muscle spasm

Muscle cramps and spasms leading to cramps cause severe pain and badly affect daily activities. Reduction of inflammation and tension in skeletal muscles reduces muscle spasm and pain. As mentioned, massage and hot stone therapy can promote the relaxation of muscles and joints in the body to relieve pain and spasms.

Better sleep

Many people who cannot sleep well or sleepless are caused by factors such as stress and busy work schedules. The assessment of some of the literature on the effect of massage shows that this is a useful method of promoting relaxation and bringing better sleep to older people.

Best hot stone massage

Hot stone massage gives you a beautiful and healthy body

Considerations of hot stone massage

However, hot stone massage may not be suitable for some people and any concerns should be given to a treating doctor or health care professional. Some people should not use massage therapy, more specifically hot stone massage if there are following factors:

Skin lesions

People who suffer from injury on the skin should avoid hot stone massage until the wounds heal.

Bruises, cut or scratched skin, burning or varicose veins will increase the chance of infection by bacteria from massage oil or stone, more serious will increase the risk of tissue damage.

Infection or disease

If you have fever, cold or flu, avoid massage until you feel better.

People with fever can spread their germs and they will have trouble adjusting their body temperature. This will worse the state of irritation when hot stones are placed on the skin.

Heart disease

Heart disease can cause swelling or other problems with the veins or arteries in the legs. Both of these can be negatively affected by the massage.


Diabetes affects the nerves and blood vessels in the fingers and toes. People with diabetes may lose their sensation in their arms and feet so that they do not feel pain if they are injured, such as a burn due to overheating. During massage, they may not know whether the massage therapist apply too much force or heat that hurt the skin.

The best hot stone massage in Mimosa

Mimosa Spa, located at No. 48C Nguyen Phuc Tan, Minh An, in the romantic city of Hoi An. We offer the best hot stone massage therapy, health care service, and bring you experience of lightness, comfort, and help relieve your stress through our provided services and therapies. Relaxation services, massages, beauty parlors, wound healing and the rehabilitation of your health. We bring traditional Vietnamese therapies as well as other famous therapies in the world: “body massage, skin care, manicure, pedicure, hairdo and makeup”, combined with 100% natural ingredients such as : “ginger, aloe vera, artichoke, mud, green tea …” take care of your body from the physical to your spirit.

Best hot stone massage

The best hot stone massage in Mimosa

With the best hot stone massage therapy, Mimosa commit:

+ Professional, friendly staff.

+ Private, clean, luxurious space.

+ 100% natural and safe ingredient.

Best hot stone massage

Mimosa is the “Paradise” for you, bringing out the beauty and the soul

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