Eyelash extensions hoi an

The best eyelash extensions Spa in Hoi An

Mimosa Spa embraces desire to bring customers the best eyelash extensions service in Hoi An. Spa space is designed modern and close to nature, along with professional beauty services will become the paradise of women, help you relax after stressful working hours.

Eyelash extensions hoi an

Mimosa Spa brings you the best eyelash extensions service in Hoi An

Facilities at Mimosa are of special interest and attention. In addition to investment in the advanced equipment, Mimosa always focuses on sanitation and space at Spa.

The equipment and procedures for eyelash extensions services in Hoi An, beauty care have to go through the most rigorous testing and censorship process.

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Mimosa Spa provides eyelash extensions service with quality and prestige in Hoi An

Before eyelash extensions what should be noted?

– Before using eyelash extension services, you should consult with others to find out reliable place to have eyelashes extension service. You should choose a good spa with skillful and professional staffs, because the results of service mostly depends on the skills of specialist.

– Do not make eyelash extension too thick or too thin. Therefore, you should consult experts to create the suitable thickness for your lashes.

– You should try eyelash extension glue with the thin skin on wrist first. If there is no abnormal reaction, the new eyelid can be used because of the fact that there are many cases of allergy to glue, which affects the eyesight.

What is the eyelash extensions process in Hoi An?

The eyelash extension procedure involves four steps and is carried out as follows:

Step 1:  Eyelid specialists will advise clients on the types of eyelash extensions as well as the style of eyelash extension that best match to customer.

Step 2: The specialist will clean and sterilize the eye area to ensure that the eye does not become infected during the procedure.

Step 3: The specialist uses adhesive tape under the eyelids so you do not squint when the eyelashes are attached and the eyelashes to separate the eyelashes, making the process of false eyelashes more convenient.

Step 4: Eyelash extension stage: The specialist use tweezers tucked false eyelid glue then stick the false eyelashes to the eyelids cleverly and accurately.

The entire process takes place in about 45-60 minutes.

How to keep the lashes beautiful?

A lash can last up to 3 months if properly cared for:

– Avoid water, avoid sauna, steam bath or hot water for at least 24 hours.

– Do not brush when wet. Do not use oil-based detergents.

– Don’t sleep on stomach;

There are two most popular techniques today:

– Classic eyelash extension (one by one): A false eyelash will be attached to a real lash (eyelash from 0,1 mm to 0,25 mm).

– Volume eyelash extension: Connect two to ten false eyelashes on a real lash (eyelash from 0,04 mm to 0,07 mm). This method is preferred and more popular due to the durability and limited confusion of the eyelashes.

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Own beautiful eyelash today with Mimosa

You are a tourist to Vietnam and wishing for a reliable, quality and prestige address in Hoi An to take eyelashes extensions.

– Please contact the professional skin care service at Mimosa Spa and allow us a chance to take care of your beauty and let it shine in every step you take. LET MIMOSA HELP YOUR BEAUTY SHINE!



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