Why should go to the spa

Considering having to go to the spa or make a face at home always makes you think a lot. The following article will give you an insight into the benefits of skincare at Spa: Why should you go to the spa? Spa – beauty treatment, health and spiritual relaxation has been from ancient times. However, there are many other benefits that not everyone knows. Everyone thinks that Spa is only for the nobility, but with the current demand, it has become [...]


Use ginger properly

Ginger Is Widely Used In Asian Cuisine With The Use Of Fishy Deodorant, Added To The Sauce. Ginger Is Also Used To Stop And Cure Some Common Ailments Ginger is a spice used in Vietnamese meals. Ginger is hot, so it is often used with cold foods such as “duck, squid, duck egg, carp ….”. Ginger is also a cure for many different diseases. Here are some ways to use ginger that people can do at home.Ginger Tea: Freshly sliced ginger or [...]


The ways to use salt for skin care at home

4 Simple And Inexpensive Measures With Salt To Care For The Skin At Home, Less Exfoliating, Anti-Inflammatory, Acne Prevention, Deodorizing Body. 1. Wash the surface of salt water diluted: After cleansing the skin, cleansing the face with 0.9% diluted water for 5 to 10 minutes and then rinse with cold water will help moisturize the skin, remove de greens, fight inflammation, and prevent acne. (The amount of salt can be purchased at the clinic). 2. Masks by wiping the face with salt [...]